VG-TAS International is an international trading and agency services company. As a commercial agent, we sell all products from our suppliers in the Netherlands and abroad.
We work with a drop-shipping method. This means that the product is delivered directly from producer/supplier to end customer.
We are an intermediary without logistic responsibility and no inventory management. Using this method keeps our operating cost low. That’s the first benefit for you!
With all the connections we have in our database, we can certainly connect your company with other interesting parties. We can grow your business without any risk or extra financial investment on your side.
We find our customers through direct connections (existing customers), online marketing (social media, trade organisations, registered agencies, etc.), network events / trade shows, B2B, B2C, and an active marketing campaigns.
As a member of VNHI (Association of Dutch Commercial Agents and Importers), we are certainly a reliable company with an interesting variety of customers and suppliers.
Do you want to find out what else VG-TAS International can do for your business? Or are you looking for a reliable agency for your products? Do not hesitate to contact us!